Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here's A Quote For You!

It's funny; I had a Coffee Shop Report half-way written already and then?

I took a break. 

 And at some point during my break, I stumbled upon this poem and it blew me away in the best way possible. 

Which meant that I scrapped my Coffee Shop so that I could share this instead.

Because don't we always want to know?


If you ever feel embarrassed, remember:
You are smaller than a supernova,
Quieter than a black hole,
And less radiant than a flicker in a white dwarf’s eye.

That is why it is okay to say to someone
I love you, do you love me too?
Because a million things already do not love you,
And none of that matters.

So, if the answer is no,
Instead of collapsing in pain,
Pile it on the heap of things that you love
That do not love you back:
Every beautiful landscape you have ever seen,
All your material possessions,
Including the phone beside you
Your favorite book, movie, and actor,
The food you are digesting.

If the answer is yes,
Tell this person now. 
Do not hesitate and think we can save this for later,
After the smoke from the volcano leaves,
After you are old enough to know better,
After you lose twenty pounds.

You will forget why you didn’t,
And the collapse will be unavoidable,
It will feel as big as the sky.

- Samantha Neugebauer

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