Friday, August 16, 2013

To Whom It May Concern...

Feminine Fashion Consignors,

I recently had a check fraud incident.  My bank (Frost, whom I am soooo impressed with) handled this incident by closing the bank account and opening another account.  This will affect you as a consignor only if you have not deposited or cashed a check from before August 1, 2013.  

Again, if you have any Feminine Fashions consignment check from before 8.1.13, please call me so that I may reissue another check with the current information on it!  If you try to deposit or cash an older check, the check will not go through because the information is not correct anymore.

I know this is inconvenient but I hope that you, as our deeply appreciated consignors, will work with me to make sure that this is as smooth as process as we can all make it.

Thank you and I am sorry that you are having to experience to fall out in this upsetting incident.


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