Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Word of Mouth Is Here!

I bet I know what she wished for!

The Word of Mouth Event!  Well, guess what?  It's here!

Our July Event starts today and runs until Saturday!

Over 100 new pieces out today!

And we will be putting out new items every day so no matter what day you come in (or if you come in all 3 days), there will be plenty of new pieces to find!

If you don't have a card, here you go:  go to this WOM link and print up this coupon!

Bring the coupon or the card with your favorite girlfriend 

and get 50% off of everything!

If you forget one or the other, then don't worry:  you will still get 30% off - we want everyone to be happy, merry and have a wonderful time!

Get ready for high energy shopping and fun!


As a side note:  please wait until after the rain and the WOM Special to bring your consignment in!  
We want to our service to be the best possible for both the consignors and the customers!  

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