Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Coffee Shop Report!

Today was a day of opposites.

The morning consisted of a long, very hot, very sweaty and slightly miserable run.

I do a long run every week and the summer runs are always hard but some runs are better and some are worse.  
The run this morning was not one of the better ones.
It happens but ugh, did I mention it was hot?

The afternoon was infinitely more comfortable.  I had a facial (2 hours of relaxation and falling asleep on her table) followed by a manicure of epic proportions.

It was wonderful, it was soothing and there was no misery involved.  None!  

 The two experiences were complete opposites but the interesting part is that I don't think I would have appreciated the relaxing part quite as much if I hadn't experienced the hot and sweaty part first.

So maybe the hard run was worth it?  Maybe (I did burn a lot of calories as well) but that still doesn't make me want to repeat it! 

 Until next Tuesday when it's time for our next long run...  Speaking of next Tuesday, I wonder if my masseuse has an opening that day?

Maybe later in the afternoon.

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