Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Are These Still Here?

Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese!
(size 6.5)

These are some lonely boots!  They need love...  Some sweet Forth Worth lovin', in fact.

Why are these beautiful cowgirl boots still here?
They would be perfect with jeans, shorts and those adorable summer dresses we all love when the hot weather hits!

Whether you wear them on a Night Out or just Around Town; they will be your new wardrobe staple!

Come on and to try these boots on; let's see how good they will look on you!


Time flies, right?  Well, it will be August before we know it so that means we will start taking Fall in less than 2 weeks!

You heard right:  July 1st will be when I start taking Spring, Summer AND Fall consignment!

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