Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here's A Quote For You...

Sometimes it helps to remember that an important act doesn't have to be big or heroic.  
It just has to mean something even if it only meant something to yourself.

"Real change happens on the level of the gesture.

 It’s one person doing one thing differently than he or she did before.
 It’s the man who opts not to invite his abusive mother to his wedding; the woman who decides to spend her Saturday morning in a drawing class instead of scrubbing the toilets at home; the writer who won’t allow himself to be devoured by his envy; the parent who takes a deep breath instead of throwing a plate.

The work is there. It’s our task. 
Doing it will give us strength and clarity.

 It will bring us closer to who we hope to be."

- Cheryl Strayed 

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