Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fab Finds!

Hello, all! 

 It's getting hot out there and dare I say it?   

Summer is here or will be before we can blink an eye!

Do you know else is here at Femme?  These 3 beauties!

They have been out for several days now but I think they deserve to be featured:

Manolo Blahnik
(size 7.5)
 Femme:  $192

Jimmy Choo
(size 7.5)
 Femme:  $388

Manolo Blahnik
(size 6.5)
Femme:  $192

Stop in to try these fabulous heels on! 

These are the types of shoes that were made for Date Nights!

Over 70 new pieces of clothing going out today! 


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