Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here's A Quote For You...


I've been stumbling across Perfect Quotes lately. 

 You know what I mean, those kinds of quotes that you instantaneously get.  I mean, you get them.  The meat and the bones of that quote are so apparent to you that the hair on your arms stand straight up while you read it.  It's like you could have written that quote yourself...  Those kinds of Perfect Quotes. 

The best thing about those powerful quotes?   I mean, besides knowing that you aren't the only one that ever thought that or did that or laughed at that or cried at that?  Sharing them...  that's the cool part.  
You share those quotes and it gives people a little sense of who you are.  You might not have written it yourself but the simple act of sharing it is, in a way, allowing others a peek at what you find important..  or funny or sad or silly.

It's universal; this need to share what moves us.  We share the kinds of quotes that are tidbits of our secret (or not so secret) selves - they just happen to be written by somebody else.  I, for one, am thankful that these miscellaneous authors know exactly how I feel.

Let me share this one:

"Books help to form us. If you cut me open, you will find volume after volume, page after page, the contents of every one I have ever read, somehow transmuted and transformed into me….  Just as my genes and the soul within me make me uniquely me, so I am the unique sum of the books I have read. I am my literary DNA.”

- Susan Hill

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