Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Coffee Shop Report

Do you watch the news? 

 I don't, not usually.
I admit that I am one of those people that gets sad and cynical when I watch the news... so I don't. I semi-avoid it even though I know it's a form of an Ostrichs Head in the Sand.

But some times you can't avoid the news. Some times things happen in the world that are horrific and to ignore that they happened? That would be another sort of horror.

The bombings at the Boston Marathon are a clear example of something that could not, should not be ignored or avoided. You don't pretend an incident like this didn't happen.

So what do you do? In regards to this particular horror, we aren't there to help out physically. We can't offer our homes, our blood; we can't offer ourselves. But we do what we can. Maybe you pray. Maybe you follow the news from Boston diligently – refusing to look away. Maybe, in the case of the Boston Marathon, you simply run for the people that won't be running any more.

I want to share a quote that has been rocketing around lately. It's said to be by Mr. Rogers and it's simple. 
So powerfully simple.

Because he is right. There will always be helpers; there will always be people who care and care so much that they will put themselves in danger to help others.  
And that is what we should remember... That right there.  This reminder of the good that people are capable of is what we can choose to take away from these bombings.  This is what we can do.

We honor the helpers.

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