Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fab Finds!

Sometimes it's not about how high end or expensive a piece is; it's about mixing and using each piece thoughtfully.  You want your pieces to shine either individually or as a grouping.

It's fun to have pieces that look best all by themselves (we love those statement pieces, don't we?) but it's also fun to have jewelry that works best layered with even more jewelry!

A Fun and Funky Necklace!
 Femme:  $16

Pick a Heart; any Heart!
 Femme:  $8 a piece

Silver Bangles?  A Sodalite Stone Bracelet?  You pick!
Femme:  $16

We are putting out clothes and jewelry today!  Stop in and you will be amazed at how time flies as you mix and match jewelry and/or clothes!


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