Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sophisticate, Simple and Sexy
Do you practice the 3S's of Fashion?
Sophistication. Make sure your closet is filled with high quality items. From your designer jeans which fit just right and have holes in the knees to your power suit in wool crepe, it is all about how it looks and how the material feels. Sophistication does not equal snob, stuffy or up tight. It means you are always ready for any occasion thrown your way and always look your best, weekday and weekend.
Simple. It is a good rule of thumb. Even a statement necklace or layered prints can have good clean lines and a simple feel. Be careful how you mix looks and when and where you wear your wild child things. Simple keeps you looking unpretentious.
Sexy. When you are sophisticated and simple, when you are polished and well presented you are sexy. This has nothing to do with curves, or the lack of them, but everything about how you work with what you have. This is an acceptance of your gifts and a lack of worry about what you do not have. This is confidence. This is respect. This is a beautiful woman!
Feminine Fashions offers simple, fun, elegant, polished, wild, beautiful pieces to the woman of DFW to help them build a powerful wardrobe!

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