Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Layering Prints

Key 1: Keep they layer nearest to your skin as thin as possible and as fitted as possible. This keeps you from adding unwanted bulk to your finished image.
Key 2: Choose the most dominate color in your print and then make sure your other print has the same dominate color.
Key 3: Keep one print large and the other small, or layer two small prints. Layering large prints should be left to the pros.
Key 4: Keep something about your outfit classic or neutral. If it is your clothing with the mixed prints, like a paisley top and floral skirt, add some pearls to make the mix up look purposed.
Key 5: Make sure you look Purposed. Tie the major colors together with your accessories so you do not look like you got dressed in the dark!
Have fun with your Layering!

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