Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have you bought a pair yet? They are one of the "it" items for Fall and Winter. They work perfectly with those amazing boots you just bought. But the real question is how to wear them?
Many of us are not model thin. Many of us have curves and even more of us have places to hide. So start by pairing your jeggings with long tunic styled tops. Full cut blouses are also a great casual option and both tops and blouses look great with your boots! Keep the top as long as you would wear a skirt to keep the look classy.
For a less casual look try your jeggings with dresses and boots, heels or ankle boots. This is where some of us with not so good legs get to enjoy shorter dresses. This will also expand your wardrobe. You can take a cute summer dress, add jeggings, boots and a cardi to make it fall appropriate! The same applies to skirts as well but avoid something so short it seems wrong to bend over and pick up something.
All in all Jeggings are a practical, all ages appropriate item, which you should invest in this fall!
Feminine Fashions keeps a wide stock of dresses, skirts, long tops and boots perfect to pair with your jeggings. But remember our inventory is always rotating so something you saw today may not be here tomorrow!

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