Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Wear?
Can holiday wear be chic and stylish?
Of course it can!

Rule 1: Avoid Themed Wear. Need we say it, stay away from Christmas sweaters! If you want a little touch of something get a top with one item of the holiday, be it pumpkin, turkey or tree.
Rule 2: Focus On Colors! So you passed on the sweater covered with bells but you still want to share your holiday spirit? Go with a green cardi over a white tee and skinny jeans. A green tweed skirt with a black sweater can look Christmasy. Add some black sparkle for New Year's! Wear an orange sweater and black scarf for Halloween! Go with brown, cream and pearls for Thanksgiving!
Rule 3: Something Trendy with Something Themed. You got that cute top with a turkey on it or a snowman or carved pumpkin, right? Well, make sure you do a fun pencil skirt and leggings, or wide-leg trousers and platform, peep toed heels. Add a vest over the top. Themed jewelry, like a snowflake brooch, is fun pinned to pearls or added as charms to something with keys!
Rule 4: Avoid Over the Top Theme Wear! Skip the shoes with presents on the toes, the plaid scrunchi, bags with skeletons, sweaters with three course meals on them and all the others. If they throw a party called Ugly Christmas Sweaters, don't wear them!

Femme has holiday wear, holiday accents and holiday colors to help you feel in the Spirit of the Season and In Style at the same time!

We Love Keeping YOU In Style!

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